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Workshop on Islamophobia

MERI offers workshops on Islamophobia to members of faith-based, peace and justice, educational and non-profit organizations. Our workshops on Islamophobia offer one-on-one interaction on how to defeat Islamophobia.  Our workshops have the following objectives:

– define Islamophobia
– place Islamophobia in a larger context of racialized oppression
– address common myths and assumptions about Islam and Muslims
– identify how we are unintentionally participating
– identify how we can interrupt our own and others’ participation
– intersectionality between Islamophobia, racism, homophobia, anti-immigrant bigotry, sexism, and attack on workers
– clarify action steps

We customize our workshops for particular organizational needs – education, social work, social justice activism, interfaith relations, etc. Our typical workshop is approximately three-hours in duration and is ideal for 30 – 50 participants (customizable based on size of organization and needs). This workshop utilizes pictures/graphs, short videos and interactive exercises. More than sharing information, MERI believes in taking practical actions to defeat Islamophobia and racism. We will identify practical steps to be taken to organize against these oppressions. We will provide examples of solidarity actions, information about upcoming events and other resources to allow long-term actions in defeating Islamophobia and racism.

MERI workshops on Islamophobia are facilitated by People of Color and Muslim presenters. These workshops offer interactive sessions to allow understanding about Islamophobia and learn from participants’ experience. Resources generated from these workshops support anti-Islamophobia work by grassroots organizers in People of Color and Muslim communities.

For more information about these workshops, your organization’s particular needs, pricing of our workshop or other questions, please contact us at We will welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about activities against Islamophobia and racism organized in North Carolina and beyond.

“MERI does an excellent job of tying issues together, and creating the context needed so we are able to understand that those ties are not random. By connecting efforts to control workers, women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, low-income people, immigrants and other marginalized groups to broader efforts to consolidate power and wealth, we can clearly see how all of our struggles are intertwined. This intersectional analysis is what our movement needs to advance our goal of a more just and equitable North Carolina for all.”
Testimony by Tara Romano, President of North Carolina Women United and Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina

“Thank you for the time and energy that you put into preparing for the Challenging Islamophobia training for the Raleigh Movement Builders series. You created a much needed intersectional space for dialogue and analysis that pushed us to think about our responsibility to act. I’m excited to work with PACT members to train on talking about Islamophobia in our work.”
Testimony by Ivanna Gonzalez, Coordinator of Raleigh PACT (Police Accountability Community Taskforce)

“Thank you, Manzoor, for your stimulating and enlightening presentation on “Challenging Racism and Islamaphobia” to the League of Women Voters of Wake County on February 24, 2017. You did an excellent job explaining the background of Islamophobia or anti-Muslim bigotry and helping us understand the connection between Islamophobia, racism and other forms of oppression. You gave us good examples of interpersonal and institutional Islamophobia, reminded us of recent cases of anti-Muslim bigotry, and suggested action steps for challenging Islamophobia. Your message is particularly important in the difficult political and personal climate we live in now and I hope many groups will invite you to share your wisdom and insight with them.” 
Testimony by Joyce Gad, Leadership Team Member of League of Women Voters of Wake County

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