2018 Events

Check out the following list of events that were organized/supported by Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia.

12/13/2018: Press Conference and Protest for the release of Abdoulie Sowe.
Abdoulie Sowe is a Gambian resident of Raleigh who was detained by ICE in 2018. MERI worked with family and friends of Abdoulie Sowe to demand his release. A press conference and protest was organized outside Federal Building in Raleigh to demand an end to deportation and detention of Abdoulie Sowe.

Family and friends of Abdoulie Sowe joined the press conference and protest to demand justice for Abdoulie Sowe.

10/28/2018: Forum on Racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Immigrant/Anti-Refugee Oppression in Raleigh, NC

MERI supported a forum against racism, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant/anti-refugee oppression at Tarboro Rd Community Center in Raleigh in October 2018. Community members who have been impacted by these oppressions, including Imam Ukkashah Muhammad, Rolanda Byrd, Zohra Oumous, Fatime Sowe, and other members spoke at the event.

Fatima Sowe describing ICE detention and human rights abuses against her father, Abdoulie Sowe

10/16/2018: Media Workshop Against Racism and Islamophobia in Durham, NC
Triangle community members gathered to build a media campaign to seek justice for Sheikh Ukkashah Muhammad. Shiekh Muhammad bag was removed from an American Airline plane without his knowledge, an incident he considers is a result of profiling agains Muslims and African Americans.

Sheikh Ukkashah Muhammad with members of MERI Media Workshop.

10/14/2018: Presentation titled “Challenging Racism and Islamophobia” at Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh, NC.
This presentation was made by MERI member, Manzoor Cheema. Some of the topics discussed included exploring Islamophobia from racial lens, similarities between institutional Islamophobia and racism, and how to challenge these oppressions.

Congregants and friends of Community United Church of Christ who participated in anti-Islamophobia presentation.

08/30/2018: Press Conference Against Racism and Islamophobia, Raleigh, NC
Sheikh Ukkashah Muhammad and Zohra Muhammad described anti-Muslim and racist attacks against them during a press conference in Raleigh in August 2018. Sheikh Muhammad’s bag was removed from inside an American Airline plane without informing him. Ms. Oumous was denied visit to her son at Maury Correction Institute in Eastern NC for wearing a hijab.

Zohra Oumous and Sheikh Ukkashah Muhammad are speaking at the press conference on racism and Islamophobia.

08/04/2018: Muslim Exhibit and Fundraiser for MERI
Triangle friends attended a Muslim art exhibit in connection with a fundraiser for MERI. This art exhibit, titled “History of Durham’s Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center”, was hosted by The Museum of Durham History. The exhibit depicted the history of one of the oldest Muslim communities in North Carolina.

Participants at “History of Durham’s Ar-Razzaq Masjid” art exhibit at The Museum of Durham History

05/04/2018 Anti-Racism, Anti-Islamophobia, Immigrant/Refugee Rights Assembly in Raleigh, NC
Triangle based community members impacted by and fighting racism, Islamophobia, and immigrant/refugee rights gathered for an assembly or open space to strategize building a stronger anti-oppression movement. This assembly took place at Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center in Raleigh, NC.

Participants of Black, Brown, Muslim Assembly in Raleigh, NC

07/31/2018. Media Workshop Against Racism and Islamophobia.
MERI organized a quarterly media workshop against racism and Islamophobia in July 2018, at the LGBTQ Center of Durham. Participants wrote letters to the editor and developed media campaigns to challenge racism, Islamophobia, and other forms of oppressions.

Participants of media workshop against racism and Islamophobia at the LGBTQ Center in Durham

07/22/2018: Carolina Jews for Justice host Tisha B’Av: Mourning and Resisting Immigration Injustice
Carolina Jews for Justice commemorated the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av to mourn the oppression against immigrants and refugees. MERI members and people from different backgrounds attended this solidarity event for immigrants and refugees.

06/20/2018: Solidarity Event for Pastors for Peace in Durham, NC

05/23/18 MERI Quarterly Meeting and Iftaar at The Light House in Raleigh

04/24/2018: Media Workshop Against Racism and Islamophobia at The Light House in Raleigh

04/20/2018: Teach-in Against Islamophobia and Racism at Duke University

03/20/18: Presentation Against Racism and Islamophobia at Chapel Hill Library

03/04/18: Workshop Against Islamophobia and Racism at Judea Reform Congregation in Durham.

03/01/2018: MERI wins Atticus Finch Award Against Racism

01/27/18: Workshop Against Racism and Islamophobia in Durham

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01/16/2018: Media Workshop Against Racism and Islamophobia at The Light House