Islamophobia Alert: Bill French to Visit Pinehurst

Bill French Plans to Speak in Pinehurst on May 15, 2016

Tennessee-based anti-Muslim activist Bill French (pen-name – Bill Warner) will speak at Pinehurst County Club on May 15, 2016.

Who is Bill French?

Information from Souther Poverty Law Center:
ORGANIZATION Heads the for-profit Center for the Study of Political Islam in Nashville.

CREDENTIALS Former Tennessee State University physics professor; author of Sharia Law for Non-Muslims (2010; under the pen name Bill Warner).

SUMMARY French has no formal training or background in law, Islam or Shariah law — which in any case is not an established legal code, as the book title implies, but a fluid concept subject to a wide range of interpretations and applications. He garnered attention recently by leading the opposition to a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

IN HIS OWN WORDS “The two driving forces of our civilization are the Golden Rule and critical thought. … There is no Golden Rule in Islam. … There is not really even a Ten Commandments.”
—Quoted in The [Blount County, Tenn.] Daily Times, March 4, 2011

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Anti-Muslim Crusaders Make Millions Spreading Anti-Muslim Fear


While large organizations like Emerson’s aren’t the norm, other local and national entrepreneurs cash in on spreading hate and fear about Islam.

Former Tennessee State University physics professor Bill French runs the Nashville-based, for-profit Center for the Study of Political Islam. He spoke recently to a group of opponents of the Murfreesboro mosque gathered at a house in Murfreesboro.

With an American flag as a backdrop, French paced back and forth like the Church of Christ ministers he heard growing up. His message: how creeping Shariah law is undermining the very fabric of American life.

“This offends Allah,” said French, pointing to the flag on the wall. “You offend Allah.”

French, who has no formal education in religion, believes Islam is not a religion. Instead, he sees Islam and its doctrine and rules — known as Shariah law — as a totalitarian ideology.

In his 45-minute speech, he outlined a kind of 10 commandments of evil — no music, no art, no rights for women — taken from his book Sharia Law for Non-Muslims. The speech was free, but his books, penned under the name “Bill Warner,” were for sale in the back and ranged from about $9 to $20.

Inside Tennessee’s Lucrative Anti-Jihad Industry

Islamophobia in the United States: The Case of Three I’s
It is not surprising that in this climate of “get rich quick,” dozens of other similar groups sprang up, offering services that ranged from security consulting to political organizing. Some of them include: ACT! For America, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the Forum for Middle East Understanding, the Strategic Engagement Group, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) and the Shoebat Foundation. Their members lobby local and federal lawmakers to implement much of the aforementioned legislation, campaign against Muslim-led initiatives and spread misinformation in op-eds, lectures to government officials, and within their communities.


Books, articles and videos by Bill French

More information:

Bill Warner’s real name is Bill French. His website says his PhD (1968) is in physics and math. He is little known outside the local confines of anti-Muslim activism. He spent the bulk of his career working on home energy efficiency (heating, cooling, insulation, etc.) and had several temporary and adjunct appointments at TSU in the Industrial Arts and Technology department in the 80s and 90s. French/Warner has no training in religion or history, or ancient languages and is not cited or treated as a reputable scholar by actual scholars of antiquities, Islamic history or theology in general let alone Islamic theology or jurisprudence. While he does not speak or read Arabic, he sells his own versions of the Koran which he has edited, rearranged and complied based on the translations of others.

Among other things, French/Warner says Islam is a system of political domination. He says “we” have “two enemies.” The “far enemy,” he explains, is Islam. The “near enemy” are those who don’t agree with his point of view about Islam.

One small example of Warner’s work: French/Warner has tallied up the deaths he attributes to jihadis. However, a quick check of his presentation shows that Warner blames every single death in the entire history of the Atlantic slave trade on… you guessed it: The Muslims! (

More quotes from French/Warner:

“The difference between me and most everyone else is most people find Islam either frightening or queasy, or nervous. Under the category of being irritated. I don’t view Islam as an irritation, nor do I view this as another immigrant group trying to learn how to be Americans. I view this as a civilizational war and we will either defeat Islam or we will cease to exist as a nation.” (3/31/14) (source)

“By the way, Allah hates me because I’m a kafir, so to me the hijab is a hate symbol, just in the same way the Klan outfit is symbolic of racial hate to a black man.” (around 2:55)” (4/7/14) (source)

“One of the things that I see when I look at hijab, I see the politics of Islam as it has operated for 1,400 years.  There has been a jihad against kafirs for 1,400 years. So when I see hijab, I see that history. I see the history of annihilation, death and suffering. And when I see a hijab, I see another thing. It says I am a kafir. And it is not a casual thing, because indeed the bulk of Quran is about Kafirs.”  “The lady in hijab is not my friend, nor can she become my friend.” “There is a big difference between being friendly and be friend (Muslims cannot be friends).” “Just like Klans outfit established unbridgeable gap between a Klansman and a Black person, a hijab establsihed an unbridgeable gap between me and the wearer of hijab.” “People who hand out politically correct multi-cultural advice (about Muslim women wearing hijab) do not know anything about Islam.” “So the next time you see a hijab, remember it is not a fashion statement, it is a statement about Islam – political Islam, and how we are to be dominated.”  (source – Video “The Political Side of the Hijab”, posted on on 4/7/14)

“Let me be clear, I do hate Islam. I hate a doctrine that is found in the Qur’an: Allah, Seerah: Muhammad’s biography, the Hadith: his traditions. I hate the Islam that is found in that. Notice that I did not say that I hate Muslims. But I do hate the ideology of Islam…I hate wife beating…Allah does not hate wife beating. …wife beating is part of Islam…inbreeding is encouraged in Islam because of Muhammad…all Muslims…should also consider marriage in the family. Inbreeding.” (3/13/14) (source)

“” “Why do we keep immigration as an open door into our country with regard to Muslims? Why do we do that? We need to look at this policy.” (around 11:20 mark) (11/17/14) (source)

“Allah himself calls for the cutting off of heads. By the Golden Rule, it is extreme. But by the Shariah and the Qur’an, it is normative, everyday behavior.” (around 7:20) (source)

Also see SPLC’s 2011 report “The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle

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