Forum on Islamophobia at Pullen Church

Pullen Church forum explores Islamophobia

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church organized a forum to explore Islamophobia. This forum featured speakers from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities. David Crabtree, anchor person at Raleigh-based WRAL TV facilitated the forum. This forum was well attended. WRAL TV, live broadcast that forum.

This forum was organized as a result of collaboration between members of MERI and Triangle faith organizations. Rev. Nancy Petty took a lead in organizing this important discussion at Pullen Memorial Church. This forum allowed Muslim community members to address concerns about rising bigotry and attacks against Muslims. Panelists were also able to address many questions from Pullen Chruch congregants. You can view a short report as well as the entire one hour and twenty minutes long discussion via following links posted on WRAL TV website.

Raleigh Church Tackles Islamophobia Discussion

Excerpts: “The forum marked the start of a discussion of ways non-Muslims and Muslims can live in the same area and learn not to fear each other.
Petty remembered a service held at the church on the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, when Muslims were invited to attend and pray.
“As soon as the service was over that evening, I immediately began receiving hate mail,” she recalled. Moments like that service led to events like Wednesday’s discussion.”

Moving Forward from Fear: A Discussion of Islamophobia

Pullen Church Image from WRAL TV