Host a Forum

Host a Forum on Islamophobia and Racism

MERI team offers presentations on racism and Islamophobia.Our speakers provide context to and similarities between Islamophobia and anti-black racism. Our presentations also include strategies to challenge these oppressions. We provide ample time for Q&A and audience interaction. An options for a break-out session allows greater interaction with participants. We offer these presentations to faith-based organizations, peace and Justice organizations, academic institutions and other private/non-profit organizations. Let us know if your organization will be interested to host a forum.

MERI will be happy to offer you suggestions if you wish to host a forum on Islamophobia and racism. Our speakers can travel throughout North Carolina to provide a presentation on Islamophobia and racism. Learn about past forums conducted by MERI. Organizing such a forum greatly contributes in promoting understanding about these forms of oppression to a large number of people who may not be aware of how Islamophobia operate in the society. These forums provide media exposure to your work in the community. Our presentations include practical steps organizations and individuals can take to challenge Islamophobia and racism.

If you are interested to host a forum then contact us at to learn more.