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There are many articles, books and movies on Islamophobia and how Islam and Muslims are portrayed in the USA and the West. We have also listed books on background of wars and occupation in the Middle East. To learn more, contact us at


Liberal Islamophobia Reader: A DNC Companion. Kalia Abiade. Imagine2050. July 2016.
Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States. A Report by CAIR. June 2016.
Manufacturing Bigotry. A Report by Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. 2014.
Legislating Fear. A Report by CAIR. 2012.
Fear, Inc. 2.0. A Report by Center for American Progress. 2015.
Confronting Islamophobia in Education. Dhaya Ramarajan and Marcella Runell. Intercultural Education. May 2007.
Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against
Muslims: Addressing Islamophobia through Education. OSCE/ODIHR, Council of Europe, UNESCO, 2011.


Islamophobia: A Bipartisan Project. By Deep Kumar. The Nation. July 2, 2012.
Islamophobia is Just the Latest in a History of US Imperialism. By Arun Kundnani. The National. February 21, 2015.
Violence Comes Home. An Interview with Arun Kundnani. November 22, 2015.
Why We Must Challenge Islamophobia in All Its Forms. By Donna Nevel. Alter Net. December 16, 2015.
Islamophobia is an American Tradition that Emerged Long Before 9/11. By Karine Walther. Raw Story. November 18, 2015.
Islamophobia: An Electoral Wedge Issue! By Hatem Bazian. The Berkeley Blog. February 25, 2015.
The Men Uniting Nativists and Islamophobes. Lindsay Schubiner. The Huffington Post. December 15, 2015.
Islamophobia and it’s discontents. By Laila Lalami. The Nation. June 14, 2012.
Fear and Loathing of Islam. By Moustafa Bayoumi. The Nation. June 14, 2012.
How the Media Created the Muslim Monster Myth. By Jack Shaheen. The Nation. June 14, 2012.
The True Story of Sharia in American Courts. By Abed Awad. The Nation. June 14, 2012.
The Long Roots of the NYPD Spying Program. By Ramzi Kassem. The Nation. June 14, 2012.
The Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate. By Max Blumenthal. The Nation. June 14, 2012.



Islamophobia in America: The Anatomy of Intolerance. Edited by Carl Ernst. Published by Palgrave McMillan in 2013.
The Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims. By Nathan Lane. Published by Pluto Press in 2012.
Good Muslim, Bad Muslim. By Mahmood Mamdani. Published by Harmony in 2005.
Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. By Deepa Kumar. Published by Haymarket Books in 2012.
The Muslims are Coming: Islamophobia, Extremism and the Domestic War on Terror. By Arun Kundnani. Published by Verso in 2015.
The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity. By Tariq Ali. Published by Verso in 2003.



Reel Bad Arabs. Media Education Foundation. 2006.
Edward Said on Orientalism. Media Education Foundation. 1998.
Beyond Good and Evil. Media Education Foundation. 2003.


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