Fayetteville, NC, Forum on Islamophobia; November 16, 2015

“Challenging Racism and Islamophobia” Forum at Fayetteville, NC

MERI members Beth, Noah, Miriam, Manzoor and Bob attended “Challenging Racism and Islamophobiaforum in Fayetteville on Monday, 11/16/15. The forum was advertised in the local newspaper, Fayetteville Observer. It was well-attended by about 110 people. This forum was organized by Quaker House and hosted by Cumberland County Library. It was co-sponsored by the – The Cumberland County Progressives, NOW, Fayetteville Friends Meeting, North Carolina Conference United Methodist Missions Team and Quaker House.

This forum gave MERI an opportunity to inform about institutional versus personal attacks against Muslims, politics of Islamophobia rooted in the U.S. and Israeli policies in the Middle East, connections between Islamophobia and anti-black racism and how to fight against Islamophobia and racism.
Audience members asked many questions  based on myths and assumptions about Muslims and Islam. They also asked about how to fight this Islamophobia and racism. In general, we received positive response from organizers and many audience members, especially since it was organized in the wake of horrible attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad.

Media Coverage

Facing South, a publication of The Institute for Southern Studies, mentioned MERI members for speaking at the forum in Fayetteville. Click the following link to read more:

Here is a picture from the forum.