Islamophobia Stories Around the World

Islamophobia related stories around the world

Stories in 2016:

– Protestors March Down Cedar Avenue to Combat Islamophobia. CBS Minnesota. 2/20/16.
Excerpt: “Minnesota has the highest population of Somalis in the country, making Islamophobia a reality for many of them.
“I hear a lot of Islamophobic remarks in some of my family circles, or some friend groups,” said Janna Burger, Des Moines.
“It’s an issue people don’t really know about, and don’t understand what they’re fearing,” said one protester.”

Macalester participates in college based anti-Islamophobia webinar. The Mac Weekly 2/19/16.
Excerpt: “Throughout the presentation, several poll questions were asked as part of the slideshow.
The first asked was, “What issues re[garding] Islamophobia or other biases are most pressing on your campus?” The options offered were 1) specific incidents on campus or in the community; 2) general tone or attitudes toward religious minority communities; 3) threats or acts of violence; and 4) reactions to national or international events. Participants at Macalester acknowledged both #2 and #4 as prevalent, but #2 ultimately won out.”
““Like combating any form of oppression, it’ll require active participation by everyone in the community,” Mudragada said in an email later. “Fear coupled with lack of understanding spreads Islamophobia. As the webinar mentioned, it’s important to educate (some schools do Islam 101 sessions) and provide spaces for dialogue and understanding. I also believe joining the Allies Project sponsored by the Department of Multicultural Life provides skills and knowledge in building a safer and supportive community for all identities.”

The Entanglement of Islamophobia and anti-Black Violence. Huffington Post. 2/18/16.
Excerpt: “So why should non-Black Muslims care about racism and anti-Black violence? Because the very marginalizations that Muslims are feeling today in the era of Trump – the everyday racism, bullying, violent attacks – are part of the larger institutional processes that keep non-Whites at the periphery. Because Islamophobia is yet another aspect of structural oppression – oppression of Blacks, Latinos, women, disabled people, sexual minorities, etc.
Islamophobia, therefore, can never be understood – let alone addressed – if we do not understand how systemic oppression works.”

– Islamophobia and hate groups rise at alarming rate. The Arab American News. 2/18/16
Excerpt: “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has released its annual Year in Hate report and the data depicts a country with extraordinary political and racial tensions.
The Year in Hate report released this week shows a rise in hate groups in America for the first time since 2010. The SPLC noted that anti-Muslim sentiments were at the forefront of documented hate crimes across the country.
Anti-government “patriot” groups, classified as armed militias, and others inspired by conspiracy theories have also seen an uptick in the last year.
In the report, the SPLC accounts for 892 active hate groups in the U.S. That number is up 14 percent from 2014, when there were 784.”
“The SPLC noted that there are anti-Muslim groups who have huge pull in the political field.

The Center for Security Policy and ACT! for America, two grassroots organizations, have been listed as anti-Islamic hate groups by the SPLC this year.
ACT! for America, the nation’s largest non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization, says its mission statement is devoted to promoting national security and defeating Islamic terrorism. The organization has more than 280,000 members in the U.S.
What’s even more eye-opening — the organization is run by Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese woman who claims “every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim.”
The Center for Security Policy also has a similar mission statement — to pioneer the organization, management and direction of public policy coalitions in order to promote national security.
At the beginning of the year, both organizations held events in states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina that were attended by Trump and other Republican presidential candidates, including Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.
“If you look at these two orgs, one thing that’s extremely problematic is that they sit high with elected officials,” Piggott said. “In 2015, they held major events that took place at the beginning of an election cycle. It’s a good example of the mainstreaming of hate.””

Raisig Confident Children in a Time of Microagressions and Islamophobia. 2/17/16.
Excerpt: “And there is a silver lining to all this: The chance to make our children more aware of social justice issues beyond their own. I am an Arab Muslim Canadian mother of Canadian and American children, and in my personal experience, there’s nothing like being on the receiving end of racism to blow open your mind to how it works and what it feels like. For example, there are strong similarities between the way in which Black Muslims face discrimination within the Muslim community from non-Black Muslims, and how Muslims today face discrimination from the wider society.
Now that the Muslim community as a whole is coping with prejudice, segments within the group have become aware of how they exclude one another. Another example is recognizing that while many North American Arabs/Muslims engage in activism to support Palestine, our support of Native Americans — on whose land we live today — is minimal. The current Islamophobic and anti-Arab climate demands that we draw on the full range of our experiences to work towards social justice for all.”

Brother’s slaying spurs SF doctor to speak against Islamophobia. San Francisco Chronicle. 2/14/16.
Excerpt: “In the view of Muslim leaders and many others, Barakat has become a powerful and badly needed voice for the community since the slaying of her brother, who was a 23-year-old dental student at the University of North Carolina, as well as his wife, 21-year-old Yusor Abu-Salha, and her sister, 19-year-old Razan Abu-Salha.”
““I don’t need to theorize or bring metaphorical analogies on how this is a real thing,” she said. “I just need to point to that picture: These people lived, I knew them, and I loved them, this is what they were doing, and this is what happened to them because of Islamophobic rhetoric.””

The Disturbing Rise of Islamophobia in America. Think Progress. 2/10/16
Excerpt: “In the last three months alone, ThinkProgress has found at least sixty-five incidents in which Muslims throughout the country have been subject to shootings, personal assaults, harassment, and attacks on their houses of worship. In one particularly horrifying incident in Grand Rapids, Michigan, an armed robber shot a store clerk in the face after calling him a “terrorist” and demanding money.”

Islamophobia and the election: It’s not just Trump. Mondoweiss. 2/10/16
Excerpt: ” The narrative that is being driven by many politicians and mainstream media outlets however, is that mosques are responsible for radicalization. Part of the reason that Trump, Cruz, Rubio are advancing this narrative ties into the fact that they’re being advised by one of the Islamophobia Industry’s foremost wingnuts: Frank Gaffney. Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy is responsible for advancing conspiracy theories, such as “all Muslims in public-life are Muslim Brotherhood operatives,” and that “80% of America’s mosques are radicalized.” 

– Palumbo H.S. students loudly say ‘No!’ to Islamophobia (Jan 14, 2016)

Muslims at South Philly school gather to commiserate, educate and share stories (Jan 12, 2016)