Islamophobia Talk at Congregational Church of Pinehurst

Congregational Church of Pinehurst Hosts a Talk on Islamophobia

Manzoor Cheema from the Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia spoke on the topic of “Challenging Racism and Islamophobia” at Congregational Church of Pinehurst, UCC, on May 22, 2016. Congregants from the church, Moore County NAACP members, grassroots activists and general community members attended the talk. This talk explored the roots of Islamophobia; how Islamophobia is connected to anti-Black racism, homophobia, anti-semitism and other forms of oppression; and how to build an intersectional movement to defeat all these oppressions. The talk was followed by Q&A session and photo-op with a banner titled “United Against Racism and Islamophobia”.

About the Congregational Church of Pinehurst
“The Congregational Church of Pinehurst, UCC an official ONA church, celebrates the human spirit by welcoming all to its family of faith.
At Congregational Church of Pinehurst we seek to share God’s love and justice with the world. To that end we receive with respect, and nurture with intention, the gifts of all who come to us on their journey of faith. We also seek to be inclusive of all human diversity in the life of our church.
Our church’s energy is constantly renewed by Pastor Brent Bissette’s challenging and uplifting sermons, the beautiful music of our choir, our noisy and laughter-filled fellowship after church and the many mission-related community programs our members lead.
“The Congregational Church of Pinehurst, UCC, is called to follow Jesus’ way of love, justice and inclusion. We do this by:
• facing issues of faith openly and honestly
• nourishing the spirit of God within us all
• creating a caring community
• celebrating human diversity
• respecting the wisdom of other religious traditions
• working with others to create a just society
• promoting the sustainable and equitable use of the earth’s resources
We invite all to join us regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.”

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